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There is only one healer. It's not a pill or shot or surgery. It's not a Doctor of any kind....It's your BODY and it's innate intelligence within! Nature always knows what to do unless it is interfered with. Chiropractic is the method which seeks to remove this interference. It does not treat the symptom or the disease - for this can only be accomplished by nature within.

We welcome you to ADJUST DO IT!.....your Source for great health and potential with over 35 years experience.

Only Chiropractors are trained to determine if interference through spinal misalignment is the cause of your health problem. Don't wait until you become a statistic.

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Dr. William Koppari
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  • Dr.
    Bill Koppari

    Dr. Bill Koppari is an Illinois native who graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1981. He practiced in Arlington, TX and Rockford, IL for over 30 years before relocating to Colorado to open Life Source Chiropractic.

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  • "I had a bad leg and back pain for 6 years. Dr. Koppari provided me great relief from pain and taught me about relaxation techniques. It's truly life energizing!!"
    Kay V.
  • "Literally changed my life! Daily headaches....STOPPED! Increased my energy levels! IT WORKS - without drugs!!"
    Lynn W.
  • "Chiropractic should be part of everyone's health plan. We received a greater awareness of total health AND an invaluable friendship in knowing Dr. Bill"
    Sandra S.
  • "My name is James and I'm 12 years old. My mom brought me to Dr. Bill. I don't have ear infections or colds anymore. I want you to know that it's a great benefit to your health and Dr. Bill is lots of fun"
  • "It's great for kid's. Mine had constant ear infections prior to seeing Dr. Koppari. Now it's been more than 3 years without one or any illness requiring a doctor visit!!"
    Vickie B.

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