What To Expect

Many clients come with questions, whether or not they are new to Chiropractic.  We try to answer some of the most basic ones here for you......

Why Should I Choose Chiropractic?

People show up all the time with complaints of low back, neck pain, and just overall health loss.  I even have some show up with other issues like diabetes, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, birth defects, failure to thrive, attention disorder, concussion syndrome, dementia, Parkinson’s , cancer, as well as many other "labels" given to them by the medical world.

Whatever they show up with, I can guarantee you this –IT IS NOT NORMAL NOR IS IT ANYTHING YOU "CAUGHT"!!  The Body CAN and WILL heal itself IF there's no interference to the nerve flow to every tissue, cell and organ.

•The nerve system has a job to do, and that is to coordinate all the functions of all the other parts 
•If that system of coordination is interfered with, your body CANNOT function the way it was designed – to heal itself, to grow, and to fight.
•If that interference is removed, your body has the best possible opportunity to heal, grow and fight, REGARDLESS of what is going on inside.

Chiropractic is only here to help your body restore normal nerve function by assisting the removal of subluxation.  Chiropractic is only here to help your body have the absolute best chance to WIN.

Why Should I go to ADJUST DO IT! over other offices?

Because with my experience in Chiropractic, I can offer you the Highest Quality Care at an Affordable Fee that won't break your wallet!  All I want is to help you be the very best you can be...as well as your family.

I do NOT want to be your medical doctor, your masseuse, your physical therapist, your time manager, your lifting coach, etc.....I think you get the idea.  I want to be your Chiropractor, and the best one I can be, at that!

I want to deliver the best, most effective and most efficient Chiropractic interaction possible.  I never want to add to or take away anything from that.

Chiropractic, in and of itself, is that IMPORTANT

Chiropractic, in and of itself, is that ESSENTIAL

Chiropractic, in and of itself, is that EFFECTIVE

Chiropractic, in and of itself, is that VALUABLE


Simply fill out our online form to schedule your appointment or call us at 719-623-9261!   We look forward to meeting you!

REMEMBER:  A consultation with Dr. Koppari is always at NO CHARGE!  Let us see if your health issue can be helped with Chiropractic Care.

•In the Consultation, you will be asking questions and finding out answers to issues.  You will also be providing information and answering questions about yourself, so that I can get to know you and your concerns.

At the end of the Consultation, you get to decide if you want to be part of our family, and we get to decide if you qualify to be part of our membership.

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