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Dr. William Koppari


"Do you have good Health Assurance"?

No, it's NOT a typo.  I said "assurance", not insurance.  Did you ever wonder why it's called healthcare when everyone in the waiting room is sick?  Or why it's called health insurance when you only need it when you're sick or injured?  These questions never entered my mind until I met Dr. Bill Koppari.

I had been "diagnosed" with Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  At that time, I had felt so bad for so long that I didn't even care what I "had" or what the treatment for it was!  I was just at the point where I needed to know what to call it.  I took my new "label" and let it become who I was.  It now defined me as a person, "broken and diseased".  It was then that I began on various medications and injections to "help me" cope.

Two years into my "diagnosis"  I had come to the conclusion that I was never going to feel good again.  My husband couldn't even hug me due to the level of pain in my body!   My health - or lack there of - put a strain on my marriage, my relationship with my children, my social life, and to top it all off, I lost my job which then put a huge strain on my finances.  Oh, and I also lost my "health insurance" benefits too.  Needless to say I fell into depression and started suffering with migraines, which my doctor was only too quick to prescribe me more pills for.

I tried to get private "health insurance" but the only kind I could get would be"high risk" which is very costly - due to my "diagnosis".  Suddenly I figured out why they call it health insurance....they only want to cover what we didn't have!  They would only insure you if you were currently healthy!

Finally, I had enough!  I had waited too long for my doctor to help me, so I decided to find a way to help myself.  I began researching and looking for a better way, and was astounded at what I discovered.  It was at this time that I was introduced to Dr. Bill KoppariLittle did I know then but I had just found the answer to my prayers!

He confirmed almost everything that I had read and researched - and quite frankly I was angry.  I had been lied to all those years.  Have you noticed that more "new diseases" and conditions have appeared at an alarming rate in the last 20 years than ever before in history?  The medical profession has come up with all these new syndromes, "diseases", etc.....when the truth is the power that made your body can and will heal your body IF there is NO interference to your Nervous System - your major control system of the body!  I discovered that all those medications and injections that my doctor had me taking were actually making my body TOXIC and unable to heal. 

After my initial examination with Dr. Bill Koppari, and upon hearing his recommendations , I attended the WOW - World of Wellness new patient orientation to natural health.  Now I have a whole new knowledge base and understanding of how my body is meant to function!  I now look forward to making educated decisions for myself and my family.  Dr. Koppari placed me on a tissue and cellular cleanse to take care of the toxicity that had built up in my body, as well as a program for Specific Chiropractic Adjustments.  After cleansing for a few months and removing the interference to my nervous system through Specific Chiropractic -  I'm a NEW PERSON!!

You see it doesn't have to be a scary road to travel regarding your health, and you don't have to settle for a "label" - you just need the correct information.  This is "HEALTH ASSURANCE" .  I'm no longer going to let today's society scare me into spending a lot of money on keeping myself sick when I can spend a little bit of money on making myself WELL.  Why worry about your "health insurance" when you can have Health Assurance!

Chiropractic is a godsend and doctors and "modern" medicine will never convince me otherwise...they just failed me.  I think "modern" medicine could benefit from an ADJUSTMENT!!

I know that for me and my family, we won't go too many days without being checked for interference and I thank God everyday for Dr. Koppari and all his skill and knowledge and for making true healthcare affordable!!

P.S. My husband can hug me again!!   Thank you Dr. Koppari!!                                    Janna B.



Our son Colin, age 10, began having seizures for no obvious reason.  He was having 1-2 grand-mals per week and 5-6 petit-mals per day. 

He had 2 MRI's and 5 EEG's which ultimately ended with a diagnosis of Epilepsy....and according to the neurologist, it was with the possibility of NOT growing out of it.

We tried several resources to help our son; prayer, saliva analysis, hair analysis, blood analysis, psycho-analysis and even had his eyes checked.  We went to nutritionists and "specialists" which gave us ideas and plans that even though were good for his overall health, did nothing to stop the seizures.

Much to our dislike, months into this the neurologist prescribed Tegretol - a medication for epilepsy.  This is something that usually ends up being a constant need, which we didn't like, however we were grasping at straws at this point.  It was at this time, through our church that we were introduced to Dr. Bill and Nikki Koppari.

Colin had actually seen 3 different Chiropractors prior to meeting Dr. Koppari, but the seizures continued. After consulting with Dr. Koppari and learning of his expertise in neurological adjusting, we decided to start Colin on a program with Dr. Bill.  We began taking Colin 3 times per week for about 8 weeks and then 2 times per week for about a month, then got him to 1 time per week thereafter to maintain his new found level of health and freedom.  The seizures are gone!  In fact, they had stopped early on into his care with Dr. Koppari!!

After 4 months of being under care with Dr. Bill, Colin had a follow-up sleep deprived EEG with the neurologist scheduled.  The purpose was to see how well the medication had been working for him, in decreasing the seizures frequency.  (We had however stopped the medication when the seizures stopped to monitor the effectiveness of his neurological adjustments).  After a long waiting period to hear the findings of the EEG, the neurologist appeared in front of us.....shocked.  He told us that there were NO spikes (seizure activity) showing up on the entire test!  He said "it's all over.....and I don't think I'll be seeing you again".  HALLELUJAH!!!

We BELIEVE we received a MIRACLE.  When we came to see Dr. Koppari, clearly Colin's Atlas (top bone in the spine) was out of alignment putting immense pressure on his nervous system.  As we proceeded with care, that pressure was removed. We believe Dr. Koppari's expertise is what positioned us for our miracle!

*It was explained to us by the neurologist that even after a patient stops seizing, spikes will continue to show up for a long period of time on the EEG, showing a history of seizure activity before they don't show up at all.  God healed the scars of Epilepsy through the hands of Dr. Bill Koppari.  As the neurologist said "IT'S ALL OVER".!!                                                                                Marla E.


Many More Benefits Than Expected!!!

"It's just amazing"! - one thing leads to another!

When I first started care with Dr. Koppari I came in due to headaches that I suffered with 5 to 7 days per week.  I was miserable......

The first thing I noticed was the virtual elimination of my headaches!  I believed that he could help me diminish the frequency of my headaches, however I wasn't prepared that they would totally go away!!  AND on top of that, I was able to get off some medications that I had been on for some time, my digestive system worked much better and my energy increased greatly.  I was also sleeping better at night and was more alert.

I also haven't had the "normal" cold/flu or allergies that "you are supposed to expect" during certain times of the year....I AM AMAZED!!

Thank you Dr. Koppari for teaching me the importance of maintaining the integrity of my nervous system through regular Chiropractic Adjustments which lead to optimal health!  I am now a lifelong believer!!                                                                         Ruth H.


"It's great for kid's.  Mine had constant ear infections prior to seeing Dr. Koppari.  Now it's been more than 3 years without one or any illness requiring a doctor visit!!"      Vickie B.

"My name is James and I'm 12 years old.  My mom brought me to Dr. Bill.  I don't have ear infections or colds anymore.  I want you to know that it's a great benefit to your health and Dr. Bill is lots of fun"

"Chiropractic should be part of everyone's health plan.  We received a greater awareness of total health AND an invaluable friendship in knowing Dr. Bill "                                                Sandra S.

"Literally changed my life!  Daily headaches....STOPPED! Increased my energy levels!  IT WORKS - without drugs!! Lynn W.

"I had a bad leg and back pain for 6 years.  Dr. Koppari provided me great relief from pain and taught me about relaxation techniques. It's truly life energizing!!"         Kay V.


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